Jazz Theory Quiz


quiz512Jazz Theory Quiz is an app which is designed to test your knowledge of music theory. Broken down into five categories, this theory quiz can be of value to all musicians regardless of the type of music that they play, because musicians all speak the same language. Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classical, Country… it’s all them same stuff when you know how to break it down. The iImprov series gives you the tools to understand the harmonic language of music. Jazz Theory Quiz helps to solidify your understanding of that language.

quiz_main_iphoneThe five sections of randomly generated quizzes are:

  • Functions – In this section, you practice identifying notes by their relationship to the root of a chord.
  • Chords – Here you will spell different chords in various keys.
  • Diatonic Chords – This section covers spelling chords as they relate to the seven chord diatonic Major system.
  • Scales – In the scale section you will be asked to enter the notes of specific scales. All of the scales that can be found in iImprov – Fundamentals or iImprov – Chord/Scale Compendium are included in these quizzes.
  • Intervals – The final section is about direct intervalic relationships, regardless of key. You will be tested on your knowledge of the relationship between any two notes within one octave.

quiz_scale_ipadThe Jazz Theory Quiz includes hints that can be turned on or off. The length of the quizzes is selectable. You also have the option to input your answers using a piano keyboard or from buttons that have the note names.

quiz_diatonic_iphoneAs you input your notes, they are shown in a staff. You get two attempts at getting the right answer after which the correct answer is displayed. The length of time that the correct answer is displayed before moving on is configurable.

quiz_func_iphoneQuizzes are totally customizable. You can choose to focus on specific keys, chords, scales or intervals and any combination of those. By default, the settings cover all possibilities.