iimprov512Jazz Apps Mobile is all about jazz improv, which is at once extremely personal and very collaborative. In an improvisational setting you get to be the real you and you get to support others doing the same. It is a truly beautiful experience.

To function in this happy condition you don’t so much have to find your voice as to have the tools to express who you really are. Regardless of what you may think the very fact that you are looking into this whole jazz thing means you have your own voice, something to say, something to contribute. Here at Jazz Apps Mobile we don’t want to interfere with that, and in fact we couldn’t if we tried. Rather we provide tools that let you more easily express the real you in a musical setting. We do this with a series of apps that run on mobile devices and which expose you to progressively more complex aspects of musical vocabulary and technique. If you follow the recommendations in these apps you’ll be well equipped to interact musically with others and actually express what you hear inside- this is the true essence and beauty of music.

The iImprov series of apps covers improvisation fundamentals, specific focus areas, and music theory reference material. The apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms, so you can work on whatever your next step is wherever it’s convenient. Any practice space becomes a music lab where you can develop new ways to express you.

Most of the apps are structured as a combination of lessons, exercises, musical examples, and JAM-A-longs. Exercises and explanations are presented along with music notation, which can be either treble or bass clef, and with corresponding audio. In most cases, the notation and audio are transposable to any key. (In some cases, the transposition is deliberately left to the student.) The JAM-A-longs are in the form of backing tracks with piano, bass, and drums, which loop over specific chord progressions. Each JAM-A-long can be played in any key, and the backing tracks vary by key. The instrument mix and tempo is adjustable.

Beginning musicians can benefit from the explanations and theory presented in the Fundamentals app. Intermediate musicians can improve their playing skills in specific situations such as Minor II-V progressions, or Modal, Bebop, or Contemporary tunes. Even advanced players can use the apps as practice tools by utilizing the JAM-A-longs and focusing on specific keys and progressions.

In addition to the lesson-oriented apps, there are some apps with jazz theory reference material, such as a Chord to Scale reference, and a jazz theory quiz app which lets improvisers test their knowledge of note functions, chords, scales, and intervals.

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