The Minor II V

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min25_main_ipadiImprov – The Minor II V focuses on the Minor II V chord progression. The Minor II V is one of the more common progressions found in the jazz repertoire, yet it is often ‘fluffed over’ by musicians. The goal of the app is to take the mystery out playing over these progressions. The JAM-A-longs included focus on the individual chords as well as in a progression. The app defines the scale to chord relationships for each key and allows the user to listen to the isolated scale as well as hear it over the appropriate chord. It also offers a method to best practice these scales and progressions.

Features of the app include:

  • Full explanation of the concepts.min25_scale_iphone
  • Detailed theory of note to chord relations.
  • Audio and visual representation of the scales.
  • Audio playback of the scales played over the appropriate chords.
  • JAM-A-long for each isolated chord in all keys.
  • JAM-A-long for each progression in all keys.

min25_pal_ipadAs with all of the apps in the iImprov series, The Minor II V has the following general features:

  • Individual JAM-A-longs for each key for variety.
  • Mixer control for the JAM-A-long instruments.
  • Tempo control for each JAM-A-long.
  • Music notation available in either treble or bass clef.

Demo Videos

Below is a video demonstrating iImprov – The Minor II V on the iPad:

Another video showing the application of the Lydian Augmented scale to Minor II V progressions:

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Duda on October 24, 2014 at 4:47 am.

Check out bar 6 of Parker’s Bloomdido’ for a nice line over this subdominant minor. This IVm-I is also cellad minor plagal’. Add the V chord to the m7 (i.e. Ebm7 Ab7 | Bb7 . . . ) and you get the back door’ cadence which includes? the b7 dominant. A common resolution in many jazz standards.